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Understand The Self: How To Become Self Aware

By Bruce Bernstein | All Posts

Jul 24
Self Aware

Being Self Aware

You might not realize just how important it is to be Self Aware. If this describes you, you’re in very good company.

Most people are not self aware and they’ve never been taught the importance and immense power of this very basic skill.

Here’s the thing… Understanding the self gives you the ability to better understand others and the world.


Here’s an everyday example that most will relate to that illustrates why this can be so helpful: Let’s say you’re attracted so someone and would love to date them. Unfortunately, though, they have no interest in you.

Now, of course, there can be many reasons for their lack of interest. It could be physical attraction. A lack of common ground and interests. Or something completely unrelated to those things.

But, if you understand yourself, really know your inner self, then you’ll also understand this other person. Having this ability and the wisdom it brings will give you a much better idea of what’s driving them; what’s motivating them; what they will and will not respond to.

This is very powerful insight. Why?

"This is a very powerful insight."

The most obvious reason, and this should not be used in a negative or ‘manipulative’ way, it gives you the option of turning the situation around – of attracting the person to you. You can create your own reality.

However, understanding the self will also give you a more powerful ability; the ability to reach a more difficult decision. One that is more difficult for most to accept, but which could make you much happier in the long run.

That is: When to move on from that person and allow someone new to come into your life, to be attracted to you. Someone better for you.

Psychological vs Spiritual

Much of the material you’ll find out there about ‘understanding the self’ is written from a psychological perspective. The self, and understanding this aspect of humanity, is a major focus of psychology/psychiatry. And rightly so.

But, I believe self awareness: becoming self aware and learning to understand self, is fundamentally a Spiritually thing. It is a Spiritual pursuit.

"​In this way, Spirituality and Psychology are closely related."

By the way: My experience is that psychology is valuable and can be extremely helpful. I used psychology and EMDR therapy to help me overcome the PTSD I suffered after my accident: after I was hit by a car while out for a bike ride. (Not the most pleasant time in my life!) These therapies were an enormous help.

Much of my therapy brought up aspects of the Ego self. These often were overcome, healed, after recontextualizing them with help from the True Self. The Duality Within was the key.

​In this way, Spirituality and Psychology are closely related.

Understand Self

Understanding the self is Spiritual.

Spirituality is all about the Duality within: understanding the relationship between Ego self and the True Self and transcending the overwhelmingly demanding voice of the Ego self.

That’s all that Spirituality is. While psychology might not bring the True Self into the process, it focuses squarely on the dissolution of the Ego self, a Spiritual pursuit, indeed!

Then, taking Spirituality to the next step will ultimately bring one to Enlightenment – at least its beginning stages.

Enlightenment is the recognition of this duality within and after learning to identify the voice of the True Self, actively choosing in any moment to feel, hear, relate to, resonate with, and react from the True Self.

So, how is this done? How can you do this: Become Self Aware; Understand Self?

You Have The Answers

The answer is: Look within.

We spend so much of our time looking outside of ourselves for happiness and joy. These things are not outside. They are inside.

(For me, these are different. Happiness is an undercurrent of contentment. Joy is the occasional ecstatic feeling one feels when great things happen.)

They are created within and they are felt within. Think about it…

A great example of this can be found in sporting events and especially sports championships.

Think about the spectators and fans of a team. When their team wins a championship, many actually react as if they’ve won the championship. They say, we are the Champions. We won.

Inner Peace = Outer Peace

But even if they don’t go that far, many fans are simply overcome with joy.

What is this joy? How was it created and where did it come from?

Well… Joy is a feeling. Nothing more and nothing less. Just a feeling.

And, where did it come from? How did it get created?

It came from within and is felt within. Yes, it is true that their team won. Someone else outside of themselves did something. And, others around them also reacted with joy.

But any joy that was created in each person was generated within. Each person created that joy internally, by themselves. It was self-generated, self-created.

​Be The Creator

Each of us is a creator. We’re all creators. We create our feelings and can consciously control what we create. We can choose to create joy, just as a fan does when his or her team wins.

"​You are an infinite sourse of joy, happiness, and other great feelings. You just need to be aware of your inner self..."

But we don’t have to wait for a team to win or for any other outer event to create that joy. It can be created anytime, anywhere, at will.

You are an infinite source of joy, happiness, and other great feelings. You just need to be aware of your inner self and use this awareness to create the feelings you desire to experience.

There’s no need to ever remain sad for an extended period of time. Choose happiness. Generate your own happiness, over and over again. It never runs out.

Understanding this and recognizing the immense power here is one of the amazing benefits of becoming self-aware. You want to understand self, yourself? Look within.

Your answers, joy, and happiness are there – within.

Become aware of the duality within, the conversation between your 2 inner voices. That is self awareness. That is the path to understanding the ‘self’. And, coincidentally, that also is the path to Enlightenment.

Happiness and Joy are not for the privileged few. They are for everyone, as is Enlightenment. Become Self Aware. Understand Self.

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Bruce, Spiritual Teacher

​Bruce is a published author, speaker, student/teacher of Spirituality, and founder of The Spiritual Workshop. Beginning in the 1980's, he was guided to look inside for his answers and information and is now teaching the Wisdom gained and the processes for introspective self-learning.

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