April 20

Level of Consciousness Calibration:
Donald Trump

​Donald Trump:
Latest Calibration of Consciousness

With an important election coming in the USA this coming November, the 2020 political season is heating up. Compounding this election season, and elevating its importance, is the current state of the world, specifically the coronavirus/covid-19 pandemic.

Using Dr. David R. Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness as the measurement scale, this series of posts will provide calibrations – the level of consciousness and integrity – of the various candidates running for political office in the United States of America. These calibrations are provided as a guide to help people evaluate candidates and should, in no way, be considered endorsements or recommendations.

Donald Trump, President of the
United States of America - 4/20/2020

In a previous post made in July 2018, approximately 21 months ago, Donald Trump , President of the United States, calibrated at 159 on the Scale of the Map of Consciousness, which is an algorithmic scale developed and published by Dr. David R. Hawkins.


Dr. Hawkins did copyright and trademark this scale and his estate prohibits its republishing. So, if you’d like to see and better understand the scale, please read his book, “Power vs Force”, in which he describes the scale in more detail. You also can visit his web site here to purchase a copy of the scale. (These are not affiliate links. They will take you to Dr. Hawkins’ web site and are only provided to allow you the opportunity to learn more. We will not profit in any way from any purchases made.)

Please read more about calibrations and what they are here.

During the last 21 months, much has happened. Those who've watched political events in the USA and the world with an open and clear mind, a mindset not overly influenced by political dogma and bias, can see that President Trump’s behaviors do validate the 159 calibrated level.

The most recent calibration, made on April 20, 2020 at approximately 11:25 AM EDT shows that President Trump’s calibrated level has decreased to 146. Observations of his most recent statements and behaviors as he attempts to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic do seem to validate this lower calibration.

You will find more information about calibrations and calibrations of additional political and other public figures on our Dr. Hawkins page.

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