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The Self
Oct 04

Self Awareness – What Is The Self?

By Bruce Bernstein | What is Self Awareness?

Gaining an understanding of the Self – what it is and how to use its innate gifts – is the entire point of Self Awareness.  

The psychological community has its definition of the Self.  In this post I’ll be discussing the Spiritual perspective, which is similar in some respects, but also very different.  The Spiritual perspective is more likely to lead one to Wisdom, Inner Peace, and feelings of Contentment and real, unending Happiness.

I’ve spent many hours looking within for answers about the Self.  As Ramana Marharshi suggests in his teachings, I asked the question, ‘Who am I?’.  I still do.

Using this technique, I did get answers and learned much about the Self, about who we really are and what we’re truly made of.

I learned that the answer to this fundamental question is very simple, yet also extremely complex.

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Chakras are Spiritual
Sep 09

The Art of Self Awareness: D • B • I • T • W… Don’t Be In The Way!

By Bruce Bernstein | What is Self Awareness?

Self Awareness is important.  In fact, it is the primary reason we’re all here: The actual point of life is to develop and increase our Self Awareness.  In this post, I’ll discuss some of the finer points of Self Awareness – some common-sense, actionable points which many overlook.

What is Self Awareness?

Self Awareness is ‘the development of an Awareness of the Self’.  (I am not trying to be ‘flippant’ with that answer! 😊)

What the above question & answer really lead to is an even bigger question:  What is the Self?

Most people think the answer to that question is all about the brain.  They think of the ‘Self’ as ‘I’.  I am this.  I do that.  I think these things…

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How To Become Self Aware
Jul 24

Understand The Self: How To Become Self Aware

By Bruce Bernstein | Spirituality , What is Self Awareness?

Being Self Aware

You might not realize just how important it is to be Self Aware. If this describes you, you’re in very good company.

Most people are not self aware and they’ve never been taught the importance and immense power of this very basic skill.

Here’s the thing… Understanding the self gives you the ability to better understand others and the world.

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