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Who Am I

Bruce with Abby

​Bruce with his Beloved Abby

It is very likely that you don’t know me. And I don’t know you.

So, why even think about considering the many ideas I put forth in my blog, on my videos, in The Spiritual Workshop Community, and in my other writings?

That’s a good question; one which I will attempt to answer here.

First and foremost: I am not politically correct. I don’t believe in holding back truth to spare another's dogmatic ideals. Although, I do try to say the things which need be said with compassion and understanding.

I realize my ideas may be foreign to many, and even controversial to some, but that does not mean they are wrong. It is time for these higher calibrating ideals to be shared. Shared with all who have interest in hearing; in learning; and in advancing their consciousness.

My World

The world is in desperate need of this wisdom if it is to survive the human onslaught which has brought it to its needs.

It is time for change. And change can only come from within. I cannot make you change. In fact, it is wrong for me to even ask you to change. But, if you want to see your life and the world improve, change is necessary.

I put this information out there so you can choose to use it, (or not), to implement higher consciousness living in your life, which will lead you to a better life filled with unlimited happiness, success, and love, and will also facilitate positive change in the world.

We are all connected and what you do does impact the world – it affects others, even beyond your immediate sphere of friends and influence.

My Background

I have been a student of Spirituality and the inner, True Self since the early 1980's, studying the works and writings of Paramahansa Yogananda, Dr. David R. Hawkins, Jesus of Nazareth, and other modern-day and older enlightened masters.

My years prior to and since then have been filled with many difficult challenges. I 'overcame' many difficult challenges, since embarking upon the Spiritual path of life, most containing lessons creatively designed by universal powers to teach and lead me to the wisdom I’ve been lucky enough to gain.

Ultimately, these helped me learn the process and power of looking within to seek answers, and to the discovery of life's most powerful inner treasure: The True Self.

I have been made well aware that the gifts of these lessons is not just for me. They were meant to be shared. And that has become my life’s mission.

The Spiritual Workshop

A life-long entrepreneur, I sold a couple of businesses I’d been growing and dedicated the rest of my life to sharing this wisdom with all who desire to learn.

The first platform for sharing this critical information is The Spiritual Workshop Community. (In the future, there will be online courses and books.)

One of my goals for the 'Community' is to make it a real community – a place where people can 'gather' and share to learn both from me and from one another.

If you’d like to be kept apprised of things, Please click here to go to the public Facebook page. There, you will find insightful and introspective posts. Please like or follow, if you feel so moved.

The Spiritual Workshop Format

The Spiritual Workshop experience is dedicated to raising Awareness - to lifting the Consciousness of humanity - for the benefit of each individual, and for the world. Become aware of relevant and comprehensive information about the very simple, yet also complex subject of Spirituality and its immense power.

Learn how to use your inner Spiritual nature to create more Love, increase Happiness, promote good Health, attract Success and financial Wealth.

In The Spiritual Workshop Community, I teach this information in small, easily digestible chunks. Comprehensive lessons are released in monthly installments to help members develop and build a strong foundation of understanding of their inner power, enabling them to act and implement these in their everyday lives.

After all, without action, there can be no change.

Join the fun

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