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how to be spiritual - 7 mistakes
Nov 19

How To Become More Spiritual… 7 Mistakes People Make

By Bruce Bernstein | All Posts , Being Spiritual is Quick and Easy , Spirituality

How To Become More Spiritual…
7 Mistakes People Make

Being Spiritual is misunderstood. It is often confused with religion, or meditation, or psychics and more. Spirituality is not about any of those things. This post explores some of the most obvious mistakes people make. Spirituality is about one very simple thing, and this one thing is all-encompassing, ultimately involving every aspect of our lives.

Mistake 1: The Belief That Spirituality is Difficult. It’s Simpler Than Most Realize

Spirituality is not difficult. In the interest of full disclosure, though, like all things of value, it does require consistency, diligence, and follow-through. But this is just discipline and does not make Spirituality, itself, difficult.

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