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consciousness calibration obama
Jul 07

Consciousness Calibration:
President Barack Obama & Michelle

By Bruce Bernstein | All Posts , Dr David R Hawkins

Consciousness Calibrations: President Barack Obama & Michelle Obama

In this post we will examine the consciousness calibration for President Barack Obama and, since she is of so much interest to so many people, also included is the level of consciousness for Michelle Obama, the President’s wife

Dr. David R. Hawkins shared much information about consciousness and enlightenment in the many books he wrote after leaving his psychiatric practice in New York City and moving to Sedona, AZ. One of the most useful tools he created was the Map of Consciousness, to which he calibrated many things.

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Fox News Calibrated Level of Consciousness
Jul 03

Fox News Channel: Calibrated Level of Consciousness

By Bruce Bernstein | All Posts , Dr David R Hawkins

Fox News Channel:
Calibrated Level of Consciousness

Our world has become far more complex than it was just 50 years ago. Part of this puzzle is the massive amount of data and information now readily available. Much of this information is presented by the 24 hour news channels, which did not exist back in the 1970’s. Can the information they share be trusted? In this post, the calibrated level of consciousness for the Fox News channel and several of its hosts will be revealed.

Trust. It’s an all-encompassing word with many facets. For example, we’ve been told to trust ourselves. We’ve been told to trust our government, and we’ve been told to trust God. Each of these actually is a different type of trust.

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