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Oct 09

Religion is Obsolete – Understanding Religion Vs. Spiritual

By Bruce Bernstein | Being Spiritual is Quick and Easy

​Let's All Be Spiritual

There is a difference between being religious and being Spiritual. This was not the case thousands of years ago​. But it is now.

Long ago, Spirituality wasn’t secretive, like it has become today. Back then, it was shared from parents to children, just as learning to walk and talk were. Today, spirituality is more of a mystery.

Spirituality has taken on a mystical persona, but there is nothing mystical about it.

Here’s why: The practice of Spirituality is the ‘How To’... How you can to connect to, communicate and work with, and use the creative power of God, of your Inner God Self.

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The Self
Oct 04

Self Awareness – What Is The Self?

By Bruce Bernstein | What is Self Awareness?

Gaining an understanding of the Self – what it is and how to use its innate gifts – is the entire point of Self Awareness.  

The psychological community has its definition of the Self.  In this post I’ll be discussing the Spiritual perspective, which is similar in some respects, but also very different.  The Spiritual perspective is more likely to lead one to Wisdom, Inner Peace, and feelings of Contentment and real, unending Happiness.

I’ve spent many hours looking within for answers about the Self.  As Ramana Marharshi suggests in his teachings, I asked the question, ‘Who am I?’.  I still do.

Using this technique, I did get answers and learned much about the Self, about who we really are and what we’re truly made of.

I learned that the answer to this fundamental question is very simple, yet also extremely complex.

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