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Sep 27

Abortion, Pro Choice, and Spirituality: a Different Perspective

By Bruce Bernstein | Social Issues and Spirituality

This article looks at the topic of abortion from a Spiritual perspective, (not through the false eyes of religion), which is the only rational, reality-based way to look at this controversial subject.

Those whose life philosophies are fear-based try to dominate the conversation about this topic. They often come from a place of darkness and misunderstanding. This will bring some light to it.

The Abortion Debate

There are many easy ways to attain knowledge. Books, schools and teachers are all valid places to find knowledge.

Wisdom, on the other hand, is more difficult to come by. Wisdom can only be found within, and it takes the courage to peel away the layers of darkness to discover the light that’s already there, underneath.

I have been fortunate in my life to have uncover the inner source of wisdom. That is not to say that I have all the answers. I do not. Wisdom doesn’t work that way.

But I have been blessed with some answers to the questions which interested me. Regarding the topic of abortion, the wisdom that came was very simple: “You either believe in eternal life, or you don’t.”

But… What does that really mean?

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Sep 20

Tithing and The Circle of Life – To Tithe, or Not

By Bruce Bernstein | Being Spiritual is Quick and Easy

The 21st Century Understanding and Definition for Tithing

​Tithing is greatly misunderstood. Religions often take advantage of the misconceptions surrounding the act of tithing to enrich themselves at the expense of their followers.

In this post, we'll explore that further and re-define the act of tithing, ​making it appropriate for the 21st century and bringing it back to the realm of Spirituality.


Tithing may not seem controversial.  Just give, people may say.  What’s wrong with that?

At first glance, nothing.  But let’s examine this in a little more detail. 

The internal drivers, the hidden motivations of the person who’s talking about tithing is an issue.  What’s their true motivation?  Do they have something to gain from this teaching?

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Chakras are Spiritual
Sep 09

The Art of Self Awareness: D • B • I • T • W… Don’t Be In The Way!

By Bruce Bernstein | What is Self Awareness?

Self Awareness is important.  In fact, it is the primary reason we’re all here: The actual point of life is to develop and increase our Self Awareness.  In this post, I’ll discuss some of the finer points of Self Awareness – some common-sense, actionable points which many overlook.

What is Self Awareness?

Self Awareness is ‘the development of an Awareness of the Self’.  (I am not trying to be ‘flippant’ with that answer! 😊)

What the above question & answer really lead to is an even bigger question:  What is the Self?

Most people think the answer to that question is all about the brain.  They think of the ‘Self’ as ‘I’.  I am this.  I do that.  I think these things…

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