We all want these things.
Many fail, including the wealthiest among us.  Why?

Transformational Spirituality...

Enlightenment is for everyone, not just for the 'special' few.

This is my firm belief. Upon meeting me, you would never know that I am a Spiritual person, unless we had an in-depth conversation about Spirituality. And then, you still might now know.

I usually don’t discuss this topic. But, if others bring it up or ask a ‘leading’ question, I am happy to share what I have learned.

I feel that it is not my place to proselytize or worse: impose my will, thoughts, or ideas upon others. However, I am happy to engage with all ‘seekers’ of truth, a group to which I proudly belong. My search for answers to life's deepest questions is ongoing. It will never end.

My language is not flowery, nor are my explanations hidden in allegory or metaphor. I think it important to be direct and down-to-earth; to give people real answers to their questions in a way they can easily understand. 

And, when I question someone more advanced than myself, this is how I prefer them to answer me. 

At times, when speaking, I use profanities to ‘punch-up’ my thoughts; to emphasize the ideas I am conveying. That’s part of who I am and I am not ashamed nor embarrassed by this. It’s just language. The words themselves do not matter. It is only the energy behind the words, the intent of the words, which matter.

(Words are just words. Profanities, when used contextually to emphasize, and not place value or judgment upon something or someone, are not bad.  They’re only words, just like the words: great, or terrible.)

Enlightenment really has little to do with one’s choice of words.  What is important are the intent and energy behind those words; the origin or intent and energy of those words...

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Spirituality for the Next Millennia

The world is changing - that's a constant... This change cannot be stopped.
You can be happy, fulfilled, and successful, even in a changing and turbulent world.


We all want success.
Whatever your goals - small or large, selfish or altruistic - there's a wonderful feeling of joy to be experienced when goals and dreams manifest, transforming to a beautiful reality.

This is success. And the internal satisfaction felt when accomplishing a goal is a valuable motivator to create and accomplish even greater things.


Love is an energy. And this energy is the essence of all life. Love is the essence of you. Real Love energy comes from the True Self.

We also have other feelings and emotions which we often confuse with Love. These come from the Ego self.

Learning to discern between these two internal aspects of self is a critical aspect of finding real Love.


The most powerful motivator and driver of human behavior - the main force behind all the decisions we make - is happiness.
We all just want to be happy.

But, what is happiness? And which aspect of ourselves is craving this thing called happiness? Each of us has a duality within.

One aspect requires happiness. The other is always happy. Which aspect is controlling your life?

Kurt Galatro


Bruce is the most honest person I know.
He’ll teach you things you’d never even imagined
and they will improve your life.

So, What's
the Fix?

The answer is simpler than most think. It's all about a choice – a very personal choice – that each person needs to make for themselves.

We each must chose to acknowledge the Duality within and build a bridge to the True Self. 

This is what you will learn in The Spiritual Workshop.

The Spiritual Workshop

The Spiritual Workshop

What Is It?


What is it? And why is it important?

Everything alive is Spiritual. Dogs, cats, grass, trees, and all people.

We are Spiritual beings, whether we realize it, or not... whether we indulge this aspect of ourselves, or not.

Many people believe that because we are alive, we have a spirit, a soul. This is not exactly correct. Actually, we are Spirits – we are Spiritual Beings – and this essence, this energy, is what gives life to our physical bodies.

The Spiritual Workshop is a Community of people who have come together with open hearts and curious minds to explore this reality... To breakthrough the limitations and illusions created by the Ego self to learn and experience the power, Love, and Joy of the True Self.


For many people, their lives are not what they thought they would be, or what they desire them to be.

They're not Happy. Most would not admit this, but it is true. They do a wonderful job of making believe they're happy but if they really looked deeply within themselves, they're not. And, they know this.

Each day they present a happy picture to people, doing everything they can to hide their inner pain, even from themselves.  This takes time and exhausts their supply of creative energy.

Real Happiness, real Joy, actually replenishes creative energy. Happy people accomplish more. Happy people do more. Happy people enrich those around them.

Additionally, the world is in crisis. It is time for things to change. But the only way the world can change is if each person takes responsibility for themselves – to change themselves.